Drilling Control & Waste Management

Drilling Solids Control & Waste Management Services

Over the years the Partnership supported by Oil Tools International’s expert personnel has developed the on-the-job experience and the right equipment to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions aimed at satisfying the needs of customers. The rig installation chart is a typical drilling solids control equipment rig-up for the removal of hydrocarbons from drilled cuttings in a unique on-site system prior to collection in skips or shunting to the seabed as long as the FEPA/DPR Environmental Protection Guidelines in terms of Minimum Disposal Standards and Environmental Management Practices are met. It is a cost-effective system for managing OBM and WBM drill cuttings. The Dakotelin/Wasco Partnership uses Oiltools International Solids Control Equipment. These among others include the “S” series FHD Centrifuges or the Derrick DE 1000 FHD Centrifuges as the major solids control equipment.

  • Solids Control Equipment
  • Shale Shakers, including installation/commissioning and servicing of Derrick Equipment
  • The supply of Derrick Screens, including Pyramid Screens
  • Centrifuge, installation/commissioning and servicing of Derrick and Oiltools
  • Decanting Centrifuges
  • Derrick Hydrocyclone separation equipment
  • Fluid Handling EquipmentMixing Shearing Blending system
  • DE-AG Mud Agitator
  • 20’ Mixing System

Drilling Waste Management Equipment and Services


  • Rig Vac Modular Vacuum System
  • Drill Cuttings Injection System
  • Fixed and Variable Speed Screw Conveyor systems
  • CEVAC Bulk cuttings handling system
  • PorcupineÔ Thermal Desorption Cuttings Processing System
  • Oil-free Plus Cuttings drying system
  • Extractor Cuttings Drying System
  • Hydra-Clean Sprayer
  • Drill Cuttings Bins

Our ​Services

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Full Rig Solids Control and Fluid System Audits
  •  Mud Loss Evaluation
  • Operation & Optimisation of Solids Control Equipment
  • Detailed Tailor made Reporting Systems
  • Soil Remediation Services, including Fixation and Bioremediation
  • Design of Rig Solids Control and Fluid Handling Systems

Details of all equipment and services listed above can be provided on request; together with individual company requirements. We provide rapid deployment and up-to-date techniques to satisfy all our customers’ environmental concerns.