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Provision of Manpower

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All our Engineers have the necessary certification for Rig Supervisory work and Production Operations Management. They all have good practical field experience required for onsite Drilling Supervisor/Toolpushers’ job, Drilling Waste Management as well as that of a typical Well Engineer involved in the planning/execution of wells in both Land/Swamp and Offshore locations. They are all fully trained in the following areas:

  • Costs and Contracts Management.
  • Casing Design
  • Drill String Design
  • Directional Drilling and Surveying
  • Cementing technology
  • Well Control Operations
  • Drilling Problems Management
  • Well-site Operations Supervision

Dakotelin also supplies highly experienced Solids Control and Waste Management Engineers to Other Solids Control and Waste Management Companies operating in Nigeria.

Trust the DAKOTELIN/Keltec Partnership to find the right person for the job.

It takes time and effort to build up a team that works well together. So it’s vital that any new staff or contract personnel you select will gel with your company’s established personality and practices. That is why many operators and Integrated Service Groups trust Dakotelin/Keltec Partnership to source, interview and prepare a short list of specialist engineering personnel on their behalf.

We can save your company time and effort by ensuring your personnel are selected from the finest available.

  • DAKOTELIN is on your sideUnlike ordinary personnel providers our roots are in the Drilling and Operations Engineering side of the oil industry. We therefore have a practical understanding of the demands of each job - and of the kind of qualities that a candidate will need to be successful.We have a comprehensive, international pool of drilling engineering other general rig personnel who are immediately available to join your team on a permanent or short term basis. And if we cannot quickly fill a post from our existing database, we use our contacts within the oil and gas industry to identify potential candidates, or we can produce recruitment advertising on your behalf.
  • DAKOTELIN’s screening process saves you time and moneyWhether you are looking for contract personnel or permanent staff, we understand that employing a new person is a major investment of time and trust. That’s why we use a very rigorous selection process. The time we invest at the start can save you time and money later because it means you are more likely to find exactly the people you need. Right the first time.Our experience and knowledge of the oil and gas industry mean that an interview is normally all it takes to identify which candidates should be progressed to the next stage of the selection. But, if we are not 100% sure we take a closer look.
  • The Right Attitude and the Right AptitudeLooking beyond candidate’s paper qualifications, we take time to consider the person in the wider context - watching how they relate to others, and how they react in different situations. So you can be confident that whoever you select from Dakotelin short list will have the relevant experience, academic qualification and inter – personal skills necessary to make valuable contributions to your team.
  • Administration AssistanceDakotelin can assist in many aspects of personnel administration and management. Our experienced personnel department can provide significant support to your human resources operation, from contract administration through to payroll, thereby reducing your management costs.
  • Major Keltec Customers in the North Sea include: • Agip UK • Cairn Energy • Amerada Hess • Conoco • BHP • Enterprise oil • BP Exploration • Global Marine IS • Halliburton • Mobil North Sea • Kerr Mcgee • Monument oil and gas • Lasmo • Oryx UK Energy • Marathon • Premier oil • Schlumberger • Talisman Energy • Shell Exploration • Texaco

Major Dakotelin Customers in Nigeria include:

  • Tenaris
  • Lonestar Drilling Services
  • Suffolk Drilling Services
  • Consolidated Oil
  • Baker Hughes
  • WASCO Oil Service Co
  • Sara Petroleum Services

The Right Attitude and the Right Aptitude

Looking beyond the candidate’s paper qualifications, we take time to consider the person in the wider context.

Administration Assistance

Dakotelin can assist in many aspects of personnel administration and management.