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 Variable Speed Screw Conveyor

The Oiltools Screw Conveyor is designed to transfer drilling waste from one point to another safely and efficiently.

This is achieved by the use of a scroll (auger) which is rotated inside a trough by an electric motor.

The waste is then offloaded by means of a chute when it reaches the end of the screw conveyor. The drive mechanism is variable.

Seepex 70 Transfer Pump

A Seepex 70 transfer pump can be utilised for the transport of cuttings from the initial collection auger to the drying centrifuge.

The pump is fitted with a dedicated feed hopper gravity fed from the auger.  Cuttings are pumped directly to the drying centrifuge for processing.

  The pump is fitted with a variable speed drive so as to ensure optimal feed to the drying centrifuge.


The Oiltools CEVACS System offers an engineered solution to your drilled cuttings containment and handling problems. It has been designed to handle the following drilling wastes:

 Drilled Cuttings
 Pit Cuttings
 Spills

In cases where the installation of long sections of screw conveyor would be problematic, consideration may be given to the utilization of the Oiltools CEVAC pneumatic transfer system.

The system can be operated in either fully automatic or manual mode.  Cuttings discharged from the drying system can be transferred to drill cuttings containers.

The modular design of the system allows for ease of installation and disassembly.

Where required the system can be brought out to the rig for specific hole sections and removed from service when not required


Rig Vac RV 3560.

The Oiltools Rig Vac range of recovery systems is ideally suited for use in zero discharge operations and when expensive synthetic mud systems are in use. 

The system can be installed in a central location with pipe-work routed to required areas including the rig floor, shale shakers, mud pits and sack store. 

Fluid discharged as a result of leaks or spill can be quickly recovered and reintroduced to the mud system.

The system is of particular use during wet trips and for maximum recovery of dead volume during pit cleaning.