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Derrick High G Dryer

The High G Dryer is designed specifically for screening cuttings discharged from the primary shakers recovery liquid phase.

The equipment incorporates a single four-panel screen deck with 42.4 sq Ft of actual screening area. The Screen deck can be angled up to 10 degrees to further reduce fluid loss. The unit is available with an optional 10bbl sump tank under the screen bed, which can be utilized for salvaged fluid storage prior to transfer.

A Derrick Hi G Dryer will be used to process all drill cuttings discharged from the Rig Shakers.  The Hi G Dryer is a rugged well-proven system capable of reducing ROC down to 6-7%.  This will assist in optimizing the efficiency of the Centrifuge Drying system. 

The unit offers a further safeguard against undesirable overboard discharge of fluid.


Model No.                                        L48-120F-4S

Screen Configuration                      Single Deck

“G” Force                                          8.0

No of Screens                                  Four (4)

Screen Angle                                   0 degrees downhill to +10degrees uphill

Actual Screen Area                         31.4sq.Ft

Weight                                             3236kg

Dimension                                       Length    93-1/4    [2369mm]
                                                         Width     65-3/4   [1670mm]
                                                         Height    54 -1/16 [91374mm]


Sump Capacity                                1.59m3  (10bbls)