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Derrick De 1000 FHD Centifuges

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Derrick De 1000 FHD Centifuges

The Derrick DE 1000 with FHD (Full Hydraulic Drive) is designed for centrifuge operation where the feed characteristics are either unknown or variable. The bowl assembly is capable of rotating at any speed from 0 to 4000 RPM, producing integral centrifuge acceleration in excess of 3000G’s.

They have the following advantages:

• Integrated system- Bowl/ scroll driven system built into skid
• Increased fluid throughput
• Cleaning is self initiated on run down
• Higher operating torque produced
• Reduced Electrical load
• Less Maintenance
• Reduced scroll wear
• No Shear pin
• No Gear box- torsion
vibration is reduced
•No back drive – eliminate the back drive brake system.

Other areas of interest include:

Specification of DE 1000 FHD Variable Speed Centrifuge



Derrick DE1000 Full Hydraulic Drive  

Bowl Diameter

14 inches (356 mm) 

Bowl type

Contour cylinder 


Hellical ( radial) /Axial

Effluent Ports:  

Variable – Eccentric

Differential Conveyor Speed

3 – 90 RPM

Speed range:

0 – 4000RPM      maximum g’s 3180

Sigma (Maximum)

4.34 x 106 in2 (2800m2)

Flow Rate

45.42m3/h with water


Length: 115’’(2921mm)

Width: 75’’ (1905mm)

Height: 57’’ (1448mm)


9,000lbs (4050kg)

System :

Counter- current

Lead direction:


Related movement to bowl: