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Ultra Fine Centrifuges

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Dakotelin uses the following Oiltools Ultra Fine Centrifuges:
Oiltools Turbo Extractor – A Horizontal Basket Centrifuge

Using a proven design for a horizontal basket centrifuge and adapting it for oilfield use, Oiltools has developed a more compact package with exceptional reliability and significantly improved performance. 

This dryer with the optional variable speed drive is able to process up to 60 tons per hour while providing a 15%-25% drier end product. The reduced footprint, reliability and ease of service recommend it for jobs where space and/or capacity constraints limit the use of the Synthetic Recovery System (SRS) Dryer.


Oiltools Synthetic Recovery System – A Vertical Basket Centrifuge

A 32 ton per hour vertical basket centrifuge mounted on a process skid adjacent to the vacuum system above the shaker house is capable of comfortably meeting current effluent discharge requirements.  The dryer is a proven design with rugged wedge wire screen basket designed for continuous operation.  Integrated into the skid holding the dryer is the electrical distribution panel and mounting for the solids discharge auger.